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Small cities are a land of opportunities -Sewacity

By Amulya Verma, Augest 15 , 2020

Forbesganj is my home. I have lived the most part of my life in Forbesganj until after completing my high school when I moved to larger cities like Kolkata and New Delhi for further studies, but in my heart I always felt connected to Forbesganj and a part of me wanted this small city to develop and prosper.Living in metro cities always made me contrast my quality of life to itself when I lived in Forbesganj and, to be honest, there was no comparison. Forbesganj is far less progressed and while I hoped that someday things will change, I realised that a city is as good as its citizens. For a city to develop, its citizens need to evolve and modernise.This thought of mine resurfaced when my friend pitched an idea of start-up a few weeks ago amid Covid-19 lockdown. Thus sewacity.com came into the existence. Sewacity is not just a business start-up with a solitary objective of earning money, it's a dream every person who lived in this city once pictured in their mind which is of living in a modern and prospering place and also calling it home. Sewacity is run by a group of friends whose thoughts about this city mirror mine. Our first priority is bringing the market close to households as Forbesganj happens to be the only shopping center for more than ten small sub-urbs in the outskirts of this city. We'll work step by step in establishing Forbesganj as an eminent and thriving city. Help us bring up Forbesganj in the eyes of its citizens as well as its visitors.


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