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Rechargeable Inverter LED Light,9 Watt



LED Inverter bulb, Wattage : 9-watt, Warranty : 6 Month on product, Inverter bulb is a 9 Watt Rechargeable bulb, best for emergency situations of power cuts, offering cool daylight (Color temperature: 6500k), Power backup: During power cuts,Inverter bulb will provide light up to 4 hours continuously, therefore being a perfect power backup for your home, Fast-charging: With the automatic charging feature, Philips Inverter bulb will get automatically charged when it is kept ON, with the charging time of 8-10 hours, Powerful battery: It has a powerful Lithium-ion battery, with a long life, Inverter bulb is the perfect lighting backup during power cuts and can be used in your study/drawing room and bathroom in  home, retail shops and hospital