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Sewacity offers a digital platform to connect local businesses and customers in a city.Online advertising is the most effective way to reach out to customers and gain their attention, and we aim to provide this facility.Sewacity gives a convenient and hassle-free experience to customers by providing the product's availability, cost price as well as show comparisons.We intend to establish ourselves as a bridge between the businesses and customers and work towards the growth of the service providers and giving customers a rich experience.

  • An easy way to fulfil your requirement without going to that specific place in the city.
  • You will save your time or effort and you can compare and can buy accordingly.
  • It's always been difficult to know whether that product will be available or not if you go to a specific place but here you will find it easier to do.

Introduction of Sewacity

Sewacity is made by some enthusiastic people who simply want to contribute in the growth of our nation and want to make it successful by combining all the small things of the city and present them on a single platform.As it is visible through our App or Website that how we have crafted the things to help you in every possible way . We have plotted the things according to your requirements. We have some extra things like feedback which helps us to look after the things going on .The Services that we are providing currently are E-commerce,Food Services,Sewacity Safari, Sewacity Shelters and others.

  • 01Want to join us?

    This is for the sellers of the city if they want to connect with us and work for the city and for themselves too. There you had to give your details and accept the required terms& conditions and privacy policy regarding tie up.After this you will be a contributor in your city's empowerment.You will also be a benefiting individual as a user of Sewacity and get your other needs fulfilled.

  • There are contact information given from where you can immediately contact us and can tell us about you and we will then give you the right opportunity to deal with.

  • We are providing different services and facilities in the city .Sometimes you might not be aware of all the things in right way or if you want to clear your doubts then send us your queries through Customer support and there you will get your solutions.


All the services that Sewacity provide are mentioned below. All these things are elaborated and mentioned in details to make a better understanding between you and us.


This service of Sewacity is based on providing different sellers' product by giving you the options of different categories within this like Grocery,Mobile Phones and accessories, Cosmetics,Electrical Appliances, Electrical Parts etc. You will have a good amount of options to choose the one you want and we assure the best quality and right quantity of product to be given to you.

Food Services

This service is based on the best food items present in the city and providing you the quality food with the help of renowned food sellers .There are several food items which are famous in the city and will give you a variety of options to choose and enjoy your meal. We provide you the same what you will get after going to the respective restaurants or somewhere to eat.

Sewacity Safari

It is based on the vehicle Providence to the people who want to travel somewhere and want to enjoy inside or outside of the city.This service is provided with some conditions as mentioned in our terms and conditions. This will surely help you to explore different parts of city or outside of the city.

Sewacity Shelters

This service is based on providing you the best place to stay in the respective city whether you are living in the same city or come from somwhere and looking for any place to stay.This service is given to you with some rules that had to be followed and under some conditions.This will help you to ensure your stay before you go there and we make sure that you won't get disappointed.

Sewacity Kisan Pro

This service is based on how to make a better connection of the people directly to the producer of different grains .It help them to present their products with the best price and quality .It is made to make this agricultural part highlighted by getting that to be fulfilled digitally. Now a days it is quite required to let people connected with agricultural part.


As You Know everything required a team work to make that work real and in effect .So here is the team and important part of Sewacity who had done immense amount of work to make this possible. So ,Take a view on Our Team Members!

Mayank Gupta

Founder & Developer

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Nitish kr Paswan


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Amit Kr Sinha


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Mrinal Kumar

Project Manager

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Hemant Jain

Social Media Handler

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Gaurav Kumar

Developer Head

Full Stack Developer

Amulya Verma


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Rahul Choudhary

Marketing Head

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Ankit Mandal

Sales Manager

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Aman Raj

Graphic Designer

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Aditya Sah

Service Consultant

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Shubham Thakur

Data Analyst

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Prasoon Kumar


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Ashish Arora


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Roshan Keshri

Customer Service Consultant

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Shristy keshri

Marketing Coordinator


Jahnavi kanth

Corporate ambassador

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Hrithik Srivastava

HR & Recruiter

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Jushi Sinha

Medical Consultant

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Gulshan Kumar

Market Research

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Prateek Srivastava

Legal Advisor

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Source Of Motivation

The dream of sewacity would not be possible without them.They had guide us when required and given us a direction to move on with the help of their experience and ideas.we are really obliged that we have such people and it will be helpful for us in making the dream of sewacity true.

Juhi Gupta

Senior Solution Principal at HighRadius

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Kartik Singh

Director at π World School

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